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Gesture as Ellipsis: correspondent film/video screening series.

February 11 - February 26, 2023 


We are very excited to announce the film/video screening correspondent series, 'Gesture as Ellipsis'.

It opens on Saturday, February 11th, 2023. The screenings will be on view until February, 26th, 2023


This program is a follow-up response to the previous exhibition by Melanie Jame Wolf. 

The screening brings together seven artists with filmic and video works that consider performance for/with the camera, expanded forms of choreography, as well as experimental approaches to narration and criticality through the moving image. Where spoken or written language trails off into unintelligible dots; movement, action, and gesture take over and allow for a different possibility for legibility. Here, the dead air of an ellipsis becomes a fruitful fissure for the artists united for the screening. 

Assembled here in this program are works with short performance features which are all under 20-minutes long.  They include: a piece that takes up the vernacular of loose home videos;  one that takes on the language of an instructional video;  another that is essentially an institutional critique performed in the manner of a satirical musical; there are others that are more improvisational; a few that used direct address; some that make suggestions of lyrical dance narratives, and others are also story-oriented allegorical performances. A few of the artists are presenting their first video or film works they created while others present their evolved immersion in the medium. The range of practices here highlights a spectrum of cinematic forms and experimental approaches to mediating gesture from the body and performance work. A number of these works were initially made for installation contexts or in relation to other objects. Here, these perceptive works find a new life in the context of a seated collective viewing experience.


Participating artists include:  


-Selin Davasse

'Homo Economicus', 2022

6 mins

-Zhiyuan Yang

'Could you please hug me?', 2017

5 mins


-Dominique Rey

'Funambule', 2017

7 mins

-Julien Prévieux

'What Shall We Do Next (Seq #2)', 2014

16 mins


-Ekene Emeka Maduka

'Spirits of Abstruse Lizards', 2022

8 mins


-Camille Rojas

'System of a gesture', 2017

8 mins


-Emmanuelle Lainé & Benjamin Valenza

'Are You Ready To Try the Artist's Habits?', 2022

17 mins

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